Sparky Linux 2024.05 is Released


SparkyLinux is a lightweight, Debian-based distribution. The project has published an update to its semi-rolling branch. This update includes new versions of Firefox, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, and the kernel. It also rolls back a recent change, swapping out the newer Nala package manager in favour of APT.

update of Sparky semi-rolling iso images of the Debian testing line, which provides autopartitioning option of the CLI Installer, package updating as usually, and new features.

Main changes:

– all packages upgraded from Debian and Sparky testing repos as of May 5, 2024
– Linux kernel 6.7.12 (6.8.9, 6.6.30-LTS, 6.1.90-LTS, 5.15.158-LTS in Sparky repos)
– Firefox 115.10.0-ESR (125.0.3 in Sparky repos)
– Thunderbird 115.10.1
– LibreOffice 24.2.0
– nala removed; apt is in use back to upgrade packages by sparky-upgrade (spu)
– Mate: galculator replaced by mate-calc
– all: added new packages: orca, noi, qt6ct

There are 3 new package repo and ISO mirror servers available for downloading iso images and installing packages, located: US2 in NY, USA, SI1 and SI2 in Singapore, Asia. All 3 servers are provided thanks to Astian, Inc. -> /new-mirrors-in-usa-and-singapore/

The live user password: live

root password is empty.

If you have Sparky rolling installed, simply keep it up to date. No need to reinstall your OS.

Get new semi-rolling iso images from: /download/rolling/ page.

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