Install AnyDesk on Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat"


AnyDesk is a remote desktop application distributed by AnyDesk Software GmbH. The proprietary software program provides platform independent remote access to personal computers and other devices running the host application. It offers remote control, file transfer, and VPN functionality.

AnyDesk Changes :

  • Screen Frame: Added screen frame to indicate running incoming sessions.
  • UX: Fixed laggy input after closing one of two or more concurrent connections.
  • UX: Fixed issue with injecting modifier key Alt-Gr.
  • UX: Fixed issue with stuck keys (e.g. repeating characters or hanging modifier key like Shift)
  • UX: Fixed license information in the 'About AnyDesk' window being outdated.
  • Stability: Fixed crash/deadlock when changing the screen resolution during an active connection.
  • Address Book: Fixed issues with editing tags on address book entries.
  • UX: License change now take effect immediately and do not need a restart.
  • Stability: Fixed deadlock after changing language.
  • Settings: Fixed 'Transmit hotkeys' not being checkable during a session.
  • System Information: Improved system information details.
  • UX: Fixed tool bar in full screen mode making it impossible to click/use the top part of the screen.
  • File Manager: File manager now remembers the location.
  • File Transfer: Fixed file transfer via clipboard.
  • File Transfer: Permission for sending files via clipboard now depends on text clipboard permission.
  • UX: Fixed scam protection being displayed too often.
  • Session: Added VPN and TCP tunneling options to file transfer sessions.
  • Session Recordings: Fixed replay of session recordings.
  • Settings: Fixed issue that some permissions in settings could not be changed.
  • Settings: Fixed issue that permissions in settings were not displayed correctly right after opening the settings page.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Fixed two-factor authentication.
  • Address Book: Fixed bug that could lead to displaying the wrong address book after license change.
  • Stability: Fixed deadlock that could occur when requesting elevation or switching users.
  • UX: Now showing an error message when connection attempt is rejected due to ACL restrictions.
  • UX: Fixed return from alternative screen background after session end.
  • UI: Fixed color selection for alternative screen background.
  • Session: Fixed accept window content for file transfer and VPN sessions (e.g. missing profile selection).
  • UI: Fixed many UI issues.
  • Misc: Minor other bug fixes.

How to Install AnyDesk on Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat" ?

To install, open terminal and download anydesk package using wget command like this :
$ wget -c

Or download in here link : for latest update

After download is complete, give permission to access file package :
$ sudo chmod +x anydesk_6.3.0-1_amd64.deb 

Install package using dpkg, open terminal and lets do it :

$ sudo dpkg --install anydesk_6.3.0-1_amd64.deb

Complete, run apt install -f to install missing depedencies : 

$ sudo apt install -f

done, now you can run anydesk on your ubuntu

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