Ubuntu Unity 24.04 is available to Download


Ubuntu Unity is a flavour of Ubuntu featuring the Unity7 desktop environment, the former default desktop of Ubuntu. The project has published Ubuntu Unity 24.04, "Noble Numbat" which has swapped out the Ubiquity system installer for Calamares.

Ubuntu Unity 24.04 continues to use Unity 7.7, which has undergone maintenance. Our primary focus for this release has been to have a working Lomiri variant in collaboration with the UBports Foundation, to serve as an alternative to Unity7 since we’re stuck with X11 for the time-being. This requirement arises from certain dependencies, including Nux, the UI toolkit used for rendering Unity7’s user interfaces. UnityX too uses Nux unfortunately (since it’s a fork of the Unity7 codebase), and so while it can be made to run under stacking Wayland compositors like Wayfire and labwc, it’d continue to rely on X (Xwayland in this case), and so would only act as a stop-gap. Getting around this would mean an entire rewrite, and so while Unity7 isn’t going away anytime soon, Lomiri would act as a suitable replacement if there ever arose a need.

We’ve moved over to Calamares as the installer included in the ISO (similar to the Lubuntu and Ubuntu Studio installers on previous releases, if you’ve ever tried them, which for that matter, you definitely should!). We would like to thank Simon Quigley and Aaron Rainbolt for integrating Calamares with our existing Ubuntu Unity live session, and last-minute fixes for bugs reported prior to the final release.

Additional information is provided in the project's release announcement.

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