ROSA 12.5 is Released, Linux Project From Russia

ROSA is a Russian Linux distribution which originally forked from the Mandriva family of distributions. The project's latest release, ROSA 12.5, provides two full features desktops (KDE Plasma and GNOME) along with two lightweight editions (LXQt and Xfce).

STC IT ROSA, a developer of system and infrastructure software, presents a new version of the free OS ROSA Fresh 12.5. The update includes a number of important improvements and new features that make using your computer even more convenient and safe.

ROSA Fresh 12.5 offers a wide selection of installation images, allowing users to choose the optimal OS for their tasks. The updated version of the operating system includes five user environment options for three processor architectures (x64, i686*, aarch64**). Each version of the system contains a set of programs and components updated to the latest versions in the original ROSA design. You can choose from two fully functional graphical environments - KDE and GNOME, and two “lightweight” systems with graphical interfaces - LXQt and Xfce; an option with a console, text interface for experienced users is also available - ROSA Fresh Server.

The updated 6.6 kernel with long-term security support ensures optimal compatibility with the latest devices, and MESA 23.3 graphics libraries, thanks to Steam support, open the door to the world of games and 3D graphics. Added expanded support for printers and scanners using ipp-usb and sane-airscan technologies, which makes it easier to use such peripheral devices.

Data security is a priority for ROSA. In the new version of ROSA Fresh, the repository was completely redesigned to ensure security and more than a thousand vulnerabilities were closed. Support for auto-partitioning with data encryption has been implemented in the system installer, which will allow you to maintain data confidentiality even if the device is lost; a function has also appeared for saving passwords from encrypted disks in the computer’s non-volatile memory using TPM2 technology (luksunlock/lukslock), allowing you to work with a protected computer as conveniently as with a regular one.

Additional information cab be found in the project's release announcement.

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